Italyamo’s lesson plan!

It is hard to buy a closed-box online course. Even when you can see some examples of material, we are never sure if it will be really effective or suitable for us. That’s why today and in the next article we tell you a typical didactic unit of Italyamo: the best Italyamo’s lesson plan!

Italyamo’s lesson plan – 1

As you can read in one of our previous article, we use the flipped classroom: ‘funny and easy videos to watch (and watch again how many times you need to grasp and memorize the focus-rule) on your own, without stress, without anyone hurrying you to understand’. After these videos, we propose you to do graduated activities from the easiest to the most difficult, trying to work on all the aspects covered in the video and adding something more. To get to a meeting, i.e. an online lesson or in individual or small group presence, to activate what has been learned.

Italyamo’s lesson plan – 2

How does our lesson plan work? Let’s take for example our teaching unit “Breakfast” which you can find in our A1-3 level package. The video provides rich and natural visual and verbal input with inserts of authentic Italian material. After the presentation of the situation, some linguistic mechanisms are highlighted and explained. In this case the words related to the theme breakfast (food and drink) and the verb pleasure. Graduated activities on vocabulary and grammar (true or false, multiple choice, short answers, memory, matching, etc.) are followed by cultural enrichment with videos and other materials.

Italyamo’s lesson plan – 3

To delve into our method read our articles. In particular the one about our VAP method. You can understand more about us in this article, but also in this one. About our level packages, in addition to our offer, you can read the articles on A1 , A2 and B1. We are working for B2 and C1. But we are not only online. In fact, as you can find on our website, we are available for video and face-to-face lessons.

So we wait you! 

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