VAP method, the best way to learn Italian

We have talked about the uniqueness of Italyamo. But, what our uniqueness consists of? What is the best way to learn Italian?


We call the method we use in our Italian online courses VAP, which means videos, activities, and practice. Buying one of our Italian online courses, you can access our platform and you will find videos and activities. The first thing to do is watching the video. After the video, you can do activities stored on the platform from the easy to the difficult ones. After the activities, you are ready to practice with us in a face-to-face lesson or we can get a coffee together talking in Italian! This is the best way to learn Italian.

VAP extras

You can see the videos at the speed you prefer and you can watch them as many times you need/want; you can stop them, you can go forward or reward. While you watch the videos you can take notes or you can do screenshots. The activities are stored in order of gradual difficulty. You can find useful links to get deeper on the subject. For any problems, you can add a comment below the activities and you will receive an answer as soon as we can. We can fix an online appointment to solve problems or questions arising during your learning.

Why the VAP method?

As you can read in one of our article on the blog, we know that videos are the best way to learn Italian because they get yourself in a learning situation: you can hear and at the same time you can read and you can understand in general without knowing every word and in a protective space. This is very important to learn a language. After working on the videos, you can do the activities gradually to prepare yourself to use Italian in a real situation. You can contact us to receive help and to organize your learning. We help you to set factual goals according to your time and your skills. Test your Italian and choose the Italian online course tailored to your needs!

What are you waiting for, contact us!

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