Increase Italian lexicon20200324080924

Increase Italian lexicon

Valentina24 Marzo 2020
Today we’re going deepler into Italian lexicon!! In an article of some weeks ago, we started to expand it with easy advices: here you are others, to increase Italian lexicon e...
Italyamo’s lesson plan!20200317100401

Italyamo’s lesson plan!

Sara17 Marzo 2020
It is hard to buy a closed-box online course. Even when you can see some examples of material, we are never sure if it will be really effective or suitable for us. That’...
Make Italian friends to learn our language easier!20200312063243

Make Italian friends to learn our language easier!

Valentina12 Marzo 2020
If you are in Italy to learn Italian or if you have to move to change your life for job or love, the best way to improve your Italian, is to make Italian friends!! We know, it...
Movement to learn makes your studies more effectly20200310072327

Movement to learn makes your studies more effectly

Valentina10 Marzo 2020
It is demonstrated that movement used to learn is an effective cognitive strategy to strengthen learning, improves memory and retrieval, and enhances learner motivation and mo...
Pane al pane e vino al vino!20200305072843

Pane al pane e vino al vino!

Sara5 Marzo 2020
We’ve come to the last article about the Italian idioms (here the others). And to close, we’re going to say ‘pane al pane e vino al vino’. But what does it mean? ...
Drinking like a fish!20200303063351

Drinking like a fish!

Sara3 Marzo 2020
We finally arrived at our penultimate article on idioms, after having explored idioms with numbers (here and here), body parts (here and here) and animals (here and here). We ...
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