How to study online with us

How to study online with us? Here some indications on how to study online.

Prepare yourself

First of all, prepare your learning environment. Choose the place you prefer. What’s important is  to have a good internet connection, a computer or tablet, or even a smartphone and, if you prefer paper than digital writing, a pen, a notebook that will become, lesson after lesson, your Italian grammar textbook. You can use an online vocabulary platform (treccani, corriere della sera) or do it on paper. It is important not to be disturbed by noises in order to read and listen to the video. If you use your smartphone, you should put your headphones on.

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Why video input

To learn online with italyamo, you will use videos and digital activities you will find on our platform. Videos are more useful than audios or only written texts. In these videos you can hear and read at the same time. Videos also enable you to understand the situation without understanding the language completely. This is very important in learning a language. It activates the so-called expectancy grammar. “The key ingredient to successful use of language is the ability to anticipate elements in sequence […] If the native speaker’s knowledge of his language is characterized as a grammar of expectancy that incorporates pragmatic knowledge of the world, the problem of teaching a second language can be defined as providing the student with a corpus of language in meaningful communicative settings”.

How it works

Accessing our platform you will find our videos and activities. The first thing to do is watching the video. Use the password we will send you to access. You can watch the video at your own speed and as many times you need/want; you can stop it and you can go forward or backward. While you watch it you can take notes or do screenshots. After the video, you can do activities stored on the platform from the easy one to the difficult ones. They are stored gradually to their difficulty. You can also find useful links to get deeper on the subject. You can screenshot the keys as well.

You’ll be alone!

Learning online doesn’t mean doing it alone. If you have any problems, you can add a comment below the activities and you will receive an answer from us as soon as possible. You are also able to fix an online appointment with us to solve problems or questions that have arisen during your learning. As you can see, to learn Italian online with us it doesn’t seem so difficult. And, above all, you won’t be alone in front of your computer because we are virtually with you and we can interact wherever you are and whenever you need. We provide also, if you request, a motivational service, helping you to organize your learning and helping you to set factual goals according to your time and your skills.

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