Right mindset to learn Italian stress free

It’s true: the only way to improve when you learn Italian stress free is by making mistakes!! As we said in another article, “errors become effective tools because they are not only chaotic deviations from the L2 norm, but indicators of regularity within the interlingual system with which the learner tries to satisfy, at a given moment, his own communicative needs. Errors make you progress!!”

But, to learn Italian stress free, you can avoid another kind of mistakes, that could delay your goals: these errors are not correlated to the language, but to the mindset to learn.

How to avoid mindset mistakes and learn Italian stress free!

Not be afraid to speak for fear of making mistakes!

To learn, improve, and truly use your target language, we need to speak.

Your main goal has to be to communicate! You need to make an effort to notice your mistakes, and to be happy when you notice them.

And if you are not ready to speak, respect yourself!

Be curious!

In language learning, attitude can be a key factor in how a student progresses.

The culturally curious students will be more receptive to the language and more open to forming relationships with native speakers.

Read our articles about Italian culture, deepen what you like in Italy or about Italian manners, try to cook Italian dishes, listen and sing Italian songs and so on!

Become a flexible thinker!

Linguists have found that students with a low tolerance of ambiguity tend to struggle with language learning.

Instead of reaching a new word in the dictionary, try to guess the meaning from the context!

You can do the same with series and songs: practice figuring out the gist, even if a few words are unknown. It’s difficult buti t just a way of thinking to change as other habits.

Advices to learn Italian

Listen as much you can!!

There’s a school of linguistics that believes language learning begins with a “silent period”. Just as babies learn to produce language by hearing, you can improve your Italian by watching (and listening!) videos, movies, hearing poadcoast. You can also start with our videos and activities (you can try them signing up on our website)

Follow different methods

Language learners who use multiple methods get to practise different skills and see concepts explained in different ways. What’s more, the variety can keep them from getting stuck in a learning rut.

With our courses you can practice the four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and just you decide when you start to speak!

Hence, remember our simple rules to learn italian stress free:

The first rule is relax!

Second one is take your time!

At least: make mistakes, but just about language!!

Leave the fear, be curious, open your mind to make it more flexible and do learn in different way!!!

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