Italian online courses

Nowadays to learn a language online is very easy. You can find a lot of Italian online courses. And so why choose us? Why sign up for Italyamo? Let me explain.

Why us?

First of all, we are ‘zen’, creative, real teachers maybe not perfect as an algorithm, but we have worked for many years and we are still working. Moreover, we have prepared so many lessons and so many students for certifications, work interviews, university exams and in general to help students to improve Italian language that we can call us experts in Italian learning and teaching. Secondly, we have decided to work online, creating Italian online courses, because of the pervasiveness of the digital tools and also because in the class we can not work without them. And so, why don’t work totally online? We love to work offline, but we know that life is not really simple for our students and so to be online can be, for some of them, the only way to keep going on the Italian language learning. Here our Italian online courses!

Italian online courses and add on apps

Babbel, Busuu, Duolingo, FluentU, Italki, Memrise, Mondly, Mosalingua are useful apps but not enough to learn and to practice a language. Just like anything else, there are pros and cons of every method we choose and I want to specify that Italian learning apps are a great resource, but they need to be used smartly. Use them only as an ‘add on’ to an Italian online course or to an Italian class. You can learn a lot from these apps, but, generally, the things you learn are not connected together. You need a learning context. And our Italian online courses can help you to find it!

Italyamo uniqueness

In our courses we work on online immersion. Like in a class, we help you in reading and listening, improving your grammar skills and in vocabulary, we help you to grasp the communicative mechanisms of the language, to know the culture and much more. We know how to ‘mediate’, helping students to understand without translation. We collect together the advantages of all methods: immersion without expensiveness and time-consuming, as in a class but individual training tailored to you. We know that every student is different. And we offer a variety of activities to learn and to improve your Italian.

Sign up and start to work on our Italian online courses!

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