Flipper classroom: flip your way of italian learning!

When I heard about the flipped classroom method for the first time I was awe-struck: I had to learn everything about this kind of teaching that lets the students free to be their selves and free to follow their pace of study! Indeed, flipped classrooms flip the traditional idea of school: no more boring lessons ex-cathedra, but funny and easy videos to watch (and watch again how many times you need to grasp and memorize the focus-rule) on your own, without stress, without anyone hurrying you to understand.

Students watch videos created in a way that enables them to study at their pace:  most zen way of learning!

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In this educational approach, the classic moments of the teaching are reversed: the class teaching is no longer forced to take place at school but can be implemented at home.

There is a little challenge in every video that makes learning meaningful, enabling a cognitive and emotional involvement.

And then? Of course in the classroom students can collaborate with each other practicing what has been learnt through the videos!

The activation of prior knowledge, the ability to analyse a problem, the collaboration between equals (or between a teacher and a student like in our lessons) as an attempt to evaluate different possible solutions until you get to the right one. The real protagonists become the students while the teacher plays the role of the facilitator!!!


For example, here you can learn how to introduce yourself like a real Italian simply by watching a video (I tested this activity during my speech in a conference about foreign language at Metropolitan Manchester University with teachers from different countries: it works!!)

I attended a lot of courses to become a flipped method qualified teacher and I’m really happy to have spent so much time improving myself also as a person! Now, not only I use this kind of method online, but I also have the honour to use it in teaching Italian to disabled people. Anyone who follows us in this kind of learning, can confirm that it works! And works better that the traditional way!


With us, you can decide if you want to watch the video before the face-to-face lessons or if you prefer to do it directly with us: up to you! We are here to make your learning path as easy as possible.

Flipping your way of learning will flip your life as well:-) Why? Because you’ll start to see things from another point of view (literally!!) and for that reason you’ll find different solutions for the same problem.

As Einstein says: you cannot resolve a problem trying the same ways!! (We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.)

So: flipped classroom is the best way to learn anything, but it’s even more efficient for foreign languages. Indeed you’ll feel even more at ease and you’ll improve without stress!!!

Try to believe that!!!

Here you can choose which video you want to start from to change your way of learning and living!!


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