How to learn italian language abroad!

How to learn Italian language without studiyng it? Watch around you!!

I’d like to start this article with an amazing sentence of Luca Lampariello and Kevin Morehouse : “The language will be all around you, so don’t restrict your ‘learning time’ to a couple of hours daily”.

Actually, they’re talking about learning a language in-country, but I’m using their saying out of its context to talk about how to learn Italian language and I’m going to explain to you why I’m doing that 🙂

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Few years ago, Masako, a Japanese student to whom I taught Italian, told me about the curious habit of her countrymen to call their houses with foreigner names, which in many cases was an Italian name! Furthermore, they also did it with shops of clothes and restaurants (obviously), but also with objects.

When I went to Japan I saw a stroller called ‘piccolo cane’!?

Maybe you’re thinking “ok, but in my country we don’t have these particular habits”. Are you sure? Look at this and this.


I’m quite sure that if you start thinking about it and to walking outside with this in mind, you would probably find a lot of Italian words in your city!

As the old saying says, Italy is a country of saints, poets and sailors/navigators. For that reason, going around on the streets of your city, may enable you to hear Italian and find new Italian friends! Get a look to these three very interesting links!

At the end, I’d say that another good way to practice Italian in your city is to take part in the International Meetups that a lot of language schools organize for their students or the app meetup. It could be the proper path to reach your goals! So what are you waiting for? Hurry up!

We would be very happy if you’ll upload pics of Italian words, people etc in your country!


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