How to learn italian fast? Become an elephant!

How to remember all the vocabulary, the rules, the exceptions of a language and learn Italian fast?

It seems very much difficult to do it without stress, doesn’t it??

When I was studying English in England, I remember that I used to try to learn long lists: for example, a list of verbs followed by gerunds and another list of verbs followed by an infinitive, but it was impossible for many reasons.

To remember something, you can’t just use the logical way🙂

So, how can you learn Italian fast?

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Nowadays, we know that studying a list of words, verbs, etc could be unsatisfied and not very efficient (read more here).

As you can read in this article, it’s very important to put things in a context, to create associations, to storage and, above all, to use everything that has been learned with communication!


So, we want to tell you a secret to self-study Italian fast without stress … How? Becoming an elephant 🙂 The famous saying ‘to have the memory of an elephant’ could be the key! Look at the Ted-Ed by Alex Gendler.

Elephants remember not only their herd companions, but also other creatures that have made a strong impression on them.

The secret of the strong impression is that it helps us to storage in order to recall!

If you want more information, here you can find another interesting article of Luca Lampariello.


Online, you can find many memory techniques, from Method of Loci to the Peg System. Choose the one that suits you better and let us know!!!

In any case, what makes the difference in learning a foreign language, is feeling at home when you are learning: that way you can open your heart to receive impressions from others or from the places, sounds, smells, emotions that embrace you… You have to feel something in your heart to learn a language easier 🙂

And you? Which method do you use to remember the grammar of Italian or of another language?


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