Increase your motivation and study italian better!

“Vorrei vivere per studiare e non studiare per vivere.

I would like living to study, not studying to live”

(Francis Bacon)

We know, it’s impossible to always have a strong learning motivation. We are humans! So, what can we do to increase it and study Italian better, soflty and in a zen way? Doing something in a complete zen way !!!

I found a lot of advices in this article about motivation but one of them is really amazing. As a yoga and meditation teacher, I can confirm that this kind of practice really works. So…. Develop your personal learning mantra and let it help your right brain hemisphere to work for you without stress! In this way you study Italian better and faster!

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As you can read in the article mentioned “A mantra is a verbal statement that reinforces a positive mindset. They can be extremely helpful when it comes to keeping your motivation up and your spirits high. Start off every morning by repeating your mantra aloud yourself.”

Every mantra connects you to the universe power and if the aim comes directly from your heart (if you are really sure that your aim suits to you and vibrates with your soul), you can always feel full of power to reach your goals!

“Motivation is like a muscle. You need to practice strengthening it through a regular routine.”


Indeed, another advice for you, is to create right now : create your own routine and rituals: for example, you can start every day trying to say in Italian the names of the things you cook for breakfast or of everything you see on the street while walking and so on…

Watch your success come to you and stay positive! Do not have ever think about negative things !! It is important to remember that a language is learned step-by-step and everything you want to reach needs to start from a lower step: nothing is less usefull or less important. Every action is a necessary part to the whole process!


To recognize them, you should set small, measurable goals: own up your “little” goals since they are pieces of your Italian learning puzzle!

Un viaggio di mille miglia comincia sempre con il primo passo.”

(Lao Tzu)

 Another blog post suggests you to make a vision board.


“Pick up a cork board and cover it with Italian images, words, photos…anything that is linked to your goal and inspires you to get there. Now put that vision board somewhere you will see it everyday. Tah-dah! Instant inspiration”.

We of Italyamo suggest you to leave apart your fear and keep learning, put your language, even if basic, in your real life every day, day by day: repeat your Italian mantra, follow your Italian ritual, pronounce the Italian name of your food, use daily Italian expressions, give yourself weekly appointements on our FB page and share with us and our friends your achievements!!


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