This morning I was having my breakfast, doing the same things as usual (I’m a little bit creature of habit!!!) And in the meanwhile… I had an illumination: it could be one of the fastest way to learn Italian!! How? Read our article here!


First of all I prepared my coffee, just out of the shower with my bathrobe on; afterwards I set my table with place mat, little plate and knife; I opened my fridge, I took out my jam (apricot as asual), I bended over to take the melba toast from the cabinet under the boiler and I came back to the batrhoom to dry and dress myself.

Finally I was ready to start my perfect day with the right foot!! How? Having my breakfast, one of the joyness of the life!! I turned on the fire under the machine coffee, I seated down at my table in front of my pc and I started to smear the jam on the melba toast.

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Eating my deliciouses, I started to read psycologies websites about  dreams explanation to interpret the dreams done during the night and understand somenthing more about myself and my unconscious, to try to get over and improve myself a little bit every day!!).

I started to hear the moka noise behind my back and I felt the smell of coffee around me spreading in the kitchen, I standed up, I turned off it, I poured coffee In a little cup (tazzina not a just a cup, we are Italian: you use la tazzina for the coffee!!!), I added a brown sugar little spoon  and I continued to read dream explanation, drinking my coffee and eating sugar from the little spoon (I’m used to not mix the sugar cause I love eating it in the coffe!!).

Great! At that point my day he could have started !!

But, of course, you  you are wondering why I’m speaking about my breakfast!!!?! Because it could be a good way to learn a new language, one of the fastest way to learn Italian!! Furthermore it could be usefull in case you’ll decide to visit Italy and live with another person or just to be able to order your breakfast during your holydays!

I still remember how much I felt stupid once in Scotland when I didnt understand the waiter who was asking me if I wanted white or brown bread ( Scottish accent is incomprensibile for me, but I could have get to understand that the other kind of bread, wasn’t brain but brown! I stayed there like a “pesce lesso” for a moment and after, as usual, I asked my boyfriend to help me!!! I was so insicure that, even if I was able to understand, I was freezing when I had to speak without enough time to think about the percfect sentences… In that case a word would have been enough!!!)


Otherwise, come to Italy without fear and be sure to eat what you want starting from your breakfast!!!!

Actually a good way to improve a foreign language is exactly learning it doing somenthing you like! For example you could start to translate 4 or 5 words or verbs dayly during your breakfast (they are not too much, aren’t?). But you ahve to do it every day for one week! So, at the end of the week you’ll have a list of 28/35 words. The week after, try to remember quelle words during your breakfast! And maybe you could add another ones to grow up your list. It’s a game and you won’t the impression that you are learning, but you’ll doing it!!

And if you prefer, you can have breakfast with us every day in front of your laptop with unusual online Italian lessons on platform: you will always can to ask everything you want to know about your breakfast words and learn Italian online without stress, just eating!!

Remember: the best and faster way to learn a foreign language, is doing somenthing you like to don’t lose your motivation and keep it high.


Don’t you have a breakfast? No problem!! You can apply this game at your lunch or dinner (or happy hour!!!) but you have to be stable!!!

But you have to know: the breakfast is the most important pasto of the day and if you want start the day with a smile on your face, put somenthing in your stomach.

On famous website to learn more foreign language, you can read an article about the importance of the diet for the memory and here you can find a fun article about the breakfast all over the world!

Does someone want to write in Italian my breakfast here below? The best interpretation (don’t worry about the perfect translation, it’s most important to understand the global meaning!!) will receive a free lesson to learn more Italian word about food and eating!!! [/read]

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