As good as bread: learn italian language with idioms!

Here is another way to learn the Italian culture and improve Italian language in an easy and funny way!

Learn Italian language with idioms!!  ‘As good as bread’ is one of the my favorite … Have you never heard it? How can we translate it in English. Any idea? It’s not easy, I know, because the bread is very important in Italian food culture but maybe less in other cultures. If you want to learn more about this idiom, click here.

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You can find a lot of them linked to different subjects: food, religion, weather, numbers, etc. Here are some interesting links such as dummies , EF, babbel, culturetrip , or futurelearn. Since Italian cuisine is so famous, we can see some food-related Italian idioms we love!

‘Chi ha il pane non ha i denti’, literally translated to ‘those who have bread, don’t have teeth’, actually means ‘you have something but you don’t know how to use it’. Another one is ‘tanto fumo e niente arrosto’, literally translated to ‘a lot of smoke and not any roast’, actually means ‘all talk and no action’. ‘O mangi la minestra o salti la finestra’, literally translated to ‘eat the soup or jump out of the window’, actually means ‘you have to do something no matter what’ or ‘finire a tarallucci e vino’, literally translated to ‘we finish with taralli and wine’, actually means ‘we disagree but we pretend there is no acrimony between us’. And, last but not least, ‘c’entra come i cavoli a merenda’, literally translated to ‘it is like cabbage for a mistrial-afternoon snack’, actually means ‘it’s off-topic’.


Idioms could ‘color’ your language. Language without idioms is like a black and white draw.

Nevertheless, they are not easily understandable and using them is a hard challenge. We hope you will learn with us!

We are very curious to hear about the weird idioms in your language (with Italian counterparty please!!)

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