Learn italian for working

Do you learn Italian for working? Are you learning Italian for your job? Must you move to Italy for work? Do you want a job in Italy? We know that one of the most motivating reason to learn a foreign language is doing it for our job! And we know how stressful and hard it could be.

When I needed to improve my speaking English, since I would have a speech in Manchester Metropolitan University after a month, I had the lucky to meet a lovely person and a great teacher (Agnes of VET).

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For me Agnes is a teacher model! I learned a lot of English for my job and, in more, a learned how make students at ease in order they learn easier, faster becoming more confident.

We want to help you to learn Italian for your job and maybe to move to Italy. How? Make you feel self-confident, sure that your dreams can come true.

Here below you can read the Elona’s testimonial: she’s learning with us and we thank her very much for her lovely words.


“I met Valentina in language school years ago when I came to Italy and took a first level course of Italian.

Few years later I needed to upgrade my knowledge to a business level so I could communicate in business (mails business meetings). I contacted Valentina as I knew her is a professional and the right person to help me with business topics. Moreover, she is always very creative and positive what made lessons easy and interesting.

Our lessons helped me a lot in business communication, presentations and networking. After our course I feel much more confident when meeting new colleagues and industry partners.

Her lessons helps me so much! It was difficult to me to communicate in a right way in Italian and explain different concepts I’m working on to possible clients. After our course I feel much more secure and already have a new business connections, so I can go ahead and realise my dream. Without her support and her lessons I would never had the courage to contact so many agency’s.

Thank you for making our lessons always the interesting, funny, NEVER annoying and productive!”

Thank you again Elona and thank everyone gives us the opportunity to help them: your happiness is our happiness !!!

Write to us to get to know each other: we’ll be happy to help you to improve your Italian for working.




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