Learn italian to find yourself!

“I came here and I found myself. This is my place!”. When I was studying English in the USA, a Russian boy told me these words. It was amazing! So why couldn’t it happen to you too? As you can see in the new spot by Luca Vullo, the language chosen by the angels of Paradise can be your place! So, learn Italian to find yourself!

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The ticket to the “Paradise”

I know what you’re thinking about: “Italian is so difficult! It’s so different from my language!”. But look at this video maybe you can find your way because “everyone has a unique way how they learn a language” and we know that the only link between these different methods is to personally enjoy, to find “how to enjoy the process of learning languages“. Moreover, to find yourself the most important way is to learn the language because it is “the ticket to being able to participate in the culture of the people who speak it”. So, learn Italian to find yourself!

Two movies to learn Italian

Give me a chance to walk you through some evidence to prove my words : ) First of all, two movies:  Italian for Beginners  is a charming view of language as a way to another’s heart. The movie takes place near Copenhagen, in a small complex that includes a sports facility, a restaurant, a hair salon, and a nearby church. Six lonely, insecure single people sign up for a beginning Italian class that changes their livesEat, pray and love, primarily a book, is a well-known movie acted by Julia Roberts and for sure the plot is very famous: a married woman realizes how unhappy her life is, and that it needs to go in a different direction. So, after a painful divorce, she takes off on a round-the-world journey “to find herself”. In Italy (Rome and Naples), she studied the art of pleasure, learning to speak Italian and gaining the twenty-three happiest pounds of her life.

And a book to find yourself

Secondly, a book: La bella lingua is a “love letter” to Italy and its culture. Dianne Hales writes: “Italians say that someone who acquires a new language ‘possesses’ it. In my case, Italian possesses me.  With Italian racing like blood through my veins, I do indeed see with different eyes, hear with different ears, and drink in the world with all my senses”.

Have you ever felt this sensation? Where? Studying what language?

Let us know! Write your experience or upload pics or video of it and we’ll send you one of our videos for free!


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