Increase Italian lexicon

Today we’re going deepler into Italian lexicon!! In an article of some weeks ago, we started to expand it with easy advices: here you are others, to increase Italian lexicon easily and fast.

Don’t settle after you learn a new word by looking it up in the dictionary and writing it down in your notes: it’s just by using the new words that you truly commit them to your long-term memory!!

Be creative and try to use your newly learned words in as many ways as possible not just by writing them down:  Say them aloud,  Create sentences with them, mentally or in writing; Use them in a conversation; sing them!!

Diversify your daily routine and become an expert in your hobby to increase Italian lexicon

Do something different from your daily routine: have you never fished? Do it!! Have you never cooked? Do ti!! Have you never sewed? Do it! And try to live the new experiences with Italian words!! Any activity that is not a part of your normal life can become a great way to learn new words.

Choose your new hobby and start to read books, magazines or websites (in Italian of course!!): every niche has its own jargon and unique ways of communicating. You’ll improve your Italian language, increasing Italian lexicon becoming expert about what you like.

In this way, by doing things out of the ordinary routine and by going deeply into waht you like, you will not only improve your vocabulary but also make your life much more interesting.

In more, you can sign up your favorite topics newsletters to receiv a new famous quote every day: I do it!!!

By reading it, I grow my collection of favorite quotes in baby steps by, I learn new points of view about my lifestyle and I also learn to enjoy growing my English vocabulary by committing myself to learning at least one new word each day! Try to do it the same in Italian!!!

Once you have learned new words, the problemi is: how remember them???

Make connections

Memories are connections. Try to connect new words are you learning to those you already know.

What do them remind you? A friend of you? Some place? Your favourite song? A feeling?

Miele (honey) could be reminds you feeling melancholy: when you feel like this, you could think “I feel like miele!” The link doesn’t matter, it’s only important that there is one.

You can also try with words never have heard before, without checking their meaning: ask yourself what these words make you think of!!

And with long words you can break them into parts.


Use them in an active usage and recall them

The more a memory is used, the more it will endure.

For that, repeat them and use them in as much contexts as possible!

How? Play with the new words!! for example, try to remember the word you have associated to a song while you are dancing or singing !!!

And no worries about over-use: it is not just fine, but totally recommended!!

So, choose a new hobby, start to learn about it, try to associate new words to feelings or what you prefer and use them as much you can in every situation!!! Or in your mind or if you don’t care what the people think, tell the new words aloud in the street every time you remember them;-)


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