Make Italian friends to learn our language easier!

If you are in Italy to learn Italian or if you have to move to change your life for job or love, the best way to improve your Italian, is to make Italian friends!!

We know, it’s easy to fall into the routine of just standing on the phone with friends from home. But they speak the same language as you!! So, not just you don’t practice your language target, but also you miss out on making local friends too and to have fun with them!

As soon as you dive into the Italian culture, you’ll notice your language skills improving and your life as well!

Dive into Italian culture to make Italian friends

You might be hesitant to approach local people, especially if you feel like your language skills aren’t up to scratch, but if you don’t do it, you’ll miss to reach your goals!

I want to tell you a story about me

I remember once in Bath, when my english was terrible,  I was looking for a street where was the Supremes’s exibition: I asked woman the name of the street and she didn’t understand me … I didn’t know why! The name of the street was that one, so I repeated it. And she still have been not understanding me. When I said “Supremes’s exibition”, her eyes shined and she told me the name of the street with her accent (totally different from mine). I felt totally stupid, but now I realized that if I had been shy and I didn’t asked her, I couldn’t have found the place where I wanted to go. What I want to tell you is that sometimes you can reach your goals even if your competence (or accent) is not so good!!

Dont’ be shy and try to speak as much you can!!!

When you start to pick up the language, it can be very frustrating to listen to a conversation, especially in Italy. Italians talk really fast, we speak using our body as well and sometimes you can easily become lost (I’m use to lose during conversations in Manchester’s pubs every time I come back there!!) Just ask us to slow down. And of course, if you don’t understand something, just ask us!!

In more remember that Italians are very warm people. Once we have a good relationship with somebody, we are use to introduce him to our friend group and family…

Are you sure to want go to a Italian family lunch?? You could stay at the table for hours, eating and speaking!!!

So, Are you ready to go out and meet new nice Italians friends??

In some weeks you’ll receive in another article some advice to make local friends and improve your Italian without big efforts, but just living in Italy!

In the meantime, share with us your experience about making friends in Italy.





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