Do you remember our tips to learn Italian easily, removing stress and increasing vocabulary?

Here you are a summary of our advices about to learn Italian as much easily as possible! (and also something else more!!)

  • Set Concrete Learning Goals
  • Commit to Daily Practice: divide your time in short slots!
  • Create a Study Plan to Prevent Wasted Time
  • Not be afraid to speak for fear of making mistakes!
  •  Be curious!
  • Become a flexible thinker!
  • Listen as much you can!!
  • Follow different methods
  • Sleep to decrease stress from studying!!
  • Move yourself!!
  • Eat well!


Hence, remember our simple rules to learn italian stress free:

The first rule is relax!

Second one is take your time!

At least: make mistakes, but just about language!!

Leave the fear, be curious, open your mind to make it more flexible and do learn in different way!!!


And what about the grammar??

As we reported last year, “grammar is a side dish, not the main course”, “you don’t have to know it all”!

A good idea is to start with Basic Grammar but not with a grammar course!! trust us!! The biggest danger when you’re learning a language with a difficult grammar as Italian, is that you’ll give up.

It’s really hard, for Italians also!!! You could feel like you’re not getting anywhere, or you could just lose interest and stop putting in the effort.

You could feel like a snake slogging through verb endings and tenses often losing the way!! Italian grammar is so terrible, various and complex. But there’s a way of studying smart to speed up the learning process.

The trick is to start by learning the simple stuff. This will put your Italian studies on a solid foundation and will also boost your confidence and motivation, so you don’t burn out before the harder concepts arrive!

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