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As we wrote on our blog, it is easy to imagine that, growing up with a traditional school or at least in presence on site, it is hard to imagine learning especially online. But how do the lessons of Italyamo work? How do you achieve your goals with us? Let’s talk about Italyamo’s lessons!

Italyamo’s lessons – 1

In the last article we present the lesson on ‘breakfast’, today instead we talk about a lesson on a grammatical topic that is so dear to the students: the contrast between passato prossimo and imperfetto. Teachers know that it is a very difficult subject to deal with and it is often difficult to give an unambiguous explanation to variations. This is why explanations and even books on this subject have flourished. To this proposal we like to quote Pensierini and the text of Alma Edizioni.

Italyamo’s lessons – 2

Firstly, you watch the video that shows some scenes of a recent Italian film and tries to explain in a clear and transparent way the use of the past simple in contrast with the imperfect. Secondly, there are a series of activities that help you to implement what you saw: a matching activity to fix the uses; a more active task in which to choose the correct verb; a video quiz and an interview with a famous Italian intellectual, Pier Paolo Pasolini, to fill in with the correct verb. Thirdly, after a lot of work, you will talk fluently and correctly about the past during the online face-to-face lesson with us.

Italyamo’s lessons – 3

So what are you waiting for? Discover our lessons to describe people, use the present of regular and irregular verbs correctly, talk about your future plans, your opinions! We have a lot of modern, multimodal materials that will not only help you learn Italian, but will also immerse you in the culture of this country and let you know the Italians’ point of view on life.

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