The best way to learn Italian: grammar

A few weeks ago, we have been talking about the best way to learn Italian through vocabulary, today we’re going to speak about grammar! Are you ready?


As Thornbury (1999) said, “grammar teaching is one of the most controversial and least understood aspects of language teaching”. The study of grammar consists, in part, of looking the way text, sentence, word, and sound are arranged and patterned. Larsen-Freeman in 1992 coined the term grammaring. Grammaring is the fifth skill alongside reading, writing, speaking and listening. But what does it mean? Mcmillan: “the process by which a learner acquires the ability to use grammar structures accurately, meaningfully, and appropriately”. And how can help us to learn better Italian? The grammar development begins when learners entertain hypotheses about features of the target language. After they need practice and feedback.

Work on it

But how and why to work on it in a practice and effective way and to find the best way to learn Italian? In our courses, we respect the natural order of language acquisition. Our syllabus is created responding to two important questions: What is to be included? In what order are the selected items to be dealt with? Our criteria are usefulness and frequency, and complexity, learnability, and teachability. We want to help the students to discover how the Italian language works. because, as Pascal wrote, we think that: “People are generally better persuaded by the reasons which they themselves have discovered than by those which have come into minds of others”.

But remember!

As you can read in this interesting article, “grammar is a side dish, not the main course”, “you don’t have to know it all”, “conversational grammar is still grammar”. If you like we recommend you to see the video of 5-Minute Language. And, last but not least, you can find here ten secrets for learning grammar.

Share with us the rules you can not understand. We’ll try to help you to find the best way to learn Italian!!!

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