Learn italian and become more self-confident

When we decided to teach to speak Italian to all of you, we promised to ourself that we’ll make you become more self-confident! We teach in a softly and zen way, since we would like you could stop feeling stressed about learning and speaking. In this way you can reach you goal in job, study and life without fear or stress.

Why? Since we know exactly what it means feelings frustrating when you learn a foreign language (expecially a difficult one like Italian!!). We also felt frustraded, embraced and sometimes so clumsy (and often we feel in this way nowaday as well!!)

During our teaching path, we had lessons with many students, face-to-face and online, and we understand exactly how a person feels in this kind of situations: frustrated, embarassed, ashamed, never confident and sometimes alone in new country: we don’t want that the people feels like this!!! We want you become more self-confident!!


For that reason we created videos based on flipped classroom method to let the students grasp the rules based on their time and rythms. After watching them, you can practice what you have learned, direclty in your life when you feel ready to do it.  Otherwise, if you prefer having practice with a teacher, of course you can attend online Italian lessons on interactive platform with us!

In this way, you don’t just repeat what you listen to and watch: you’ll be active in the building of your language knowledge!! Indeed you’ll grasp the rules without effort, like a sponge that “absorb notions”!!

And finally you’ll be proud and won’t be shame to speak Italian.

Write to us just to get to know each other!! You’ll realize that, although we teach online, you can feel the human touch of the real-life classroom. In more, if you decide to learn  by yourself with videos and activities, you’ll never alone, since, if you have any doubt, you can always write to us and you’ll receive our answer as soon as possible!!


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