Play with us and find how to learn a language

I remember at university listening to the Latin lesson. I literally slept, my eyes closed, my head lolled and I felt in the warm and gentle embrace of Morpheus. I know Latin is a dead language so it’s quite normal to study it in a passively but, as I hope you already know, to learn a language you have to have fun, you have to play. And that’s what we do: play with us and find how to learn a language!

The importance of games

As you read here, “every time we’re interested and engaged in a subject, our brains get a shot of dopamine. The feelings of pleasure that follow make us want to keep learning, exploring and pushing ourselves to find out more”. Huizinga has written a book on it: “Homo Ludens”. But don’t worry we don’t want to bore you with all this theory, we want to help you to answer to the question: How do I learn a language?

Engaged students

In our courses we had created interesting and stimulating activities very similar to games, we can say serious games. What are they? A serious game is not only designed to fun or entertain but also to learn and to practice a skill. “In the education context, serious gaming is regarded as a particularly active, problem-solving, situated and social form of learning with rapid and differentiated feedback that also promotes the enjoyment of learning. The educational aspect of serious games is one of their greatest assets. Indeed, they are promoting and opening new horizons for active learning and provide a learning-by-doing experience”. So what do you wait for? Play with us and find how to learn a language!

Language Learning

Do you like to play? Which kind of games do you like to do? We can design the most engaging experience for you to learn Italian! In our activities, you can find matching games, quizzes, dialog cards, etc. Before it’s better to watch the video more than once to work on the structures of the language you will use to play. We’ll help you play in the best way possible. Our goals are to make you enjoy learning Italian and to make this experience a successful one!

Play with us, visit our website and try free activities!

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