How to learn Italian fast?

Stay present to focus your attention on what you are learning to learn Italian fast! It is really important in order what is learned will be remembered.

The best way to learn Italian fast and to learn something in general, is doing it with attention and being focused: everything you do in this way is more effective, faster and easy.

We of Italyamo help the students to find their way to remain focused on their studies: in this way you’ll be learn Italian without efforts and at ease.

First of all: relax! Than, take your time! Don’t forget to … make mistakes! Lastly, enjoy learning Italian online with us!!


We’ll give you advice to take notes in a right way and learn in a active way and we’ll suggest you what suits to you, because every student is different and have different needs. For us the most important think is the person: more are you at ease and more your learning path (and your life) will be happier!

But there are some general advice that we have found for you!

– The first general rule  is obviously to eliminate any factor of disturbance or distraction: find a place that facilitates concentration and relax. With us you can decide to learn Italian whenever you prefer, choosing your best learning environment!

– Reading, listening and watching are important, but they risk leaving the time they find if they are not associated with an experiential activity: with our activities you can practice what you have just learned by watching our videos!

– Finally, we strongly suggest you become a teacher! Choose a friend close to you and try to teach him/her Italian in the way you prefer: This process helps you to remember better and strengthen your level of knowledge.

What are you waiting for? Choose the way to learn that suits better to you on our website.

And if you want try our videos and test your Italian level, sign up and go!

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