Learn how to remove learning stress with us!

I remember when I had to start to learn English in serious way for my job: I was full of fears and totally lacking of confidence. Lucky my teacher was special and learned me how remove learning stress, by managing it to learn a foreign language better (and live better also!)

Stress is “a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way.” And ,often, learning a foreign language can stress students in many ways: but lukly exist many ways to beat stress as well!

One of the best way to remove stress in general is breathing! It relieves tension in the body and calm the mind. By taking deliberately deep, slow breaths the body undergoes a relaxation response: the heart rate slows, muscles relax and blood pressure drops.

If you are a little bit anxious, here you can read a simple breathing exercise for reduce stress.

Well, now we are calm and ready to learn!

What can we do to do it as quietly as possible?

“Creating a study timetable is essential. Planning your studying a week or month in advance is ideal, meaning you’ll know exactly what you need to do, and that you’ll have the time to cover everything you need. But even if you have less time than you’d like, creating a timetable will help make sure you fit the most important elements into the period of time you have left.”

Remember also that it’s important to don’t spend all day cramming the same subject – you’ll just get bored! Make sure to mix Italian learning with other your subjects to learn or your other parts of your job.

Slot of time to learn

You should decide to be focused for a slot of time: switch off your mobile phone (or if you use it to learn on our website, avoid social media and so on to remain concentrated and present) .

You can choose slot of 45 minutes or less: what is importanti is that in that time you are really present in what you are doing, without distractions: the time, in this way, redoubles!! It’s a magic trick of the being here and now!

Talk with us to remove learning stress

When you’re feeling pent up about your studies, talk with us! We can help you to come over your doubts or problem

If you choose a package to learn on your own, remember that there’s no replacement for face-to-face human contact! Don’t hesitate to write to us: we can get a call on skipe or whatsapp to help you in your learning path.

And if you prefer talk with someone else, call a friend!! Find a group of Italian’s student to share with them your progress, questions, materials and fun!

If you want more advices about to beat learning and exams stress for your high school or university studies or for your job’s duties… wait some weeks for another article about it;-)

In the meanwhile, try our easy video and activities on our website to start to learn Italian at ease and in a totally zen way!



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