Empathetic teachers make Italian learning easier

An empathetic teacher try in every way to make the student at ease, avoiding stress, shame and judgment.

We know how we can feel learning a foreign language: do you prefer to learn Italian without feeling frustreted, stressed, shy or judged?

As I written in one of the first article, If I didn’t have had a very empatethic teacher, Agnes, as a English online teacher, probably I wouldn’t have gone to England to attend my specialization courses, because I would have felt not able enough to do it

I’d have lost the opportunity to grow up as a teacher and as a person also… Agnes helped me a lot, she is a great English teacher but life’s teacher also and I’ll be grateful to her for the rest of my life …

What do empathetic teachers

Empathy is a way of connecting with other people that shows you understand that they’re experiencing something meaningful.  Being empathetic is about finding a way to connect to the others. We could say: “I want to understand how this feels to you and let you know that you’re not alone.”

This is a powerful tool that help us better understand what’s driving our students’ behavior: we can find bespoke strategies to help you! It can also help you connect and work through difficult moments together.

Even if we, as teachers, could look like just nice, it is not a question of sympathy: sympathy may lead you to look down on students instead of trying to understand or connect with them.  Even though we may care deeply for you, we are here to make you improve!

In more, being empathetic does not mean lowering the expectations of your learning path. Indeed we validate and have empathy for students, while at the same time holding you to high standards. We connect with you empathetically, to reinforce your belief in your ability to succeed.

As student, be empathetic with yourself!

Actually empathy may not be about feeling sorry, but it is about feelings: as students, give yourself permission to acknowledge your own emotions and share them with us! We are ready to get over your difficulties, understanding your language problems and your personal obstacles!

There are many way to connect to our students and we as teacher can improve ourself, by learning the theory,  but also from our teaching to you (some times making mistekes since we are humans!): we always learn from our students something new not just to improve as teacher, but as person as well.

Italyamo is here for help you (re-)find your self-esteem and grow as a person and as a student.

Our lessons are easy, fun and based on your real pace of learning. You’ll learn Italian without stress and without any goals too far away from you: that will make you improve without even you noticing!


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