Non c’è due senza tre

There are really a lot of idiomatic expressions with numbers, but how to work with them and where to find good resources to acquire them? Let’s talk about Italian idioms together.We’ll find out together the meaning of “non c’è due senza tre” and other expressions!

Numbers- non c’è due senza tre

If an Italian friend of yours comes to you in tears telling you that the girl he went out with “gli ha dato il due di picche”, what will you do? What if, while you’re pouring yourself a second glass of coke, someone says “non c’è due senza tre“, he’s proposing? Do you agree with the Italian expression “uno per uno non fa male a nessuno“?

Online resources – non c’è due senza tre

Online you can find many resources. For example, to deepen the expression the two of spades click here! If you’re curious about the second expression, here’s something that can satisfy your desire: “It literally translates ‘There’s no two without three’. The English equivalent is ‘All good things are three’, and it means that something that happened two times will likely happen also a third time”. For the third one,  that can be translated literally into “one by one doesn’t hurt anyone”, we can say that it’s used to say that you have to share the burden and honor equally.

How to make them yours- non c’è due senza tre

To work on idiomatic expressions we recommend the beautiful book by Alma Edizioni “Italiano per modo di dire“. The web site Impariamo Italiano collects  in alphabetical order all the existing Italian idioms and helps you to practice on them. We also mention  the interesting Adblog’s page “Idioms with numbers. If you don’t remember the numbers here is a useful review link.

Body, animals, food & drink

In the next few weeks if you follow us on our blog and social media you can learn more Italian idiomatic expressions using words taken from the semantic field of the human body, animals, food and drinks. “Bere come un pesce“, “avere uno scheletro nell’armadio“, and “can che abbaia non morde” will become expressions of your vocabulary!

Surely the best way would be to immerse yourself in the Italian context or simply study with us! We are waiting for you!

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