Here you can read the beginning of the story ….  what made me search a way to learn a foreign language smoothly, better and faster! For that reason I decided to offer Italian lessons online based on “tenderness and zen way”.

When I started to learn English on VET, I would have like to have a teacher that could increase my confidence: and I had found her! First of all, my teach Agnes was (and she is) lovely and amazing! If I didn’t have had her as a teacher, probably I wouldn’t have gone to England to attend my specialization courses, because I would have felt not able enough to do it

[read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]I’d have lost the opportunity to grow up as a teacher and as a person also… Agnes helped me a lot, she is a great English teacher but life’s teacher also and I’ll be grateful to her for the rest of my life ..

But to tell the truth, until recently, I felt not so confident, to take the life in my hands (as we say in Italian!!!), because I was full of doubts, uncertainties, I blamed my self often and I wasn’t really happy…


In contrast to all these emotions, yoga helped me to find myself deeper, to understand my blocks and to get over them: now I have the strenght to start again to do it every time I find another one. And now I’m a totally different person! Consequently I can help people to feel confidence attending Italian lessons online based on tenderness and zen!

Of course I keep having doubts and uncertainties probably like everybody, but with the lightness and the counsciousness that the problems are barriers to be overcomed! How? Focusing on my goal, having patience, trusting myself and the life. For that reason I can learn and teach tenderly and zen 🙂

Here you can watch the intro of a radio interview of mine, where I speak about my way of teaching and myself in general.

The speaker start asking me what’s the bridge between yoga and Italian…

What could be it in your opinion?

Leave a comment here below and we’ll see who guess what is the connection for me and why I choose the name Italyamo – of course with the help of my students 😉 [/read]

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