Learn Italian online with human touch

Today we are going to delve into the meaning of teachers’ empathy to learn Italian online like in a real classroom!

Learners are at their highest capacity to learn and excel when surrounded by positive relationships. Modelling empathy during lessons , even if online, promotes such relationships.

Indeed we know, often many student start the courses with all sorts of concerns and problems.We of Italyamo encourage nurturing and support and sets appropriate guidelines for how students engage: everyone is given a safe place to work through and overcome every kind of problem and lack of self-esteem.

We build a good framework to learn Italian online

We can give each student a framework to build on in which all thoughts, opinions, feelings, and differences are uplifted.

As teachers, we cannot expect to have an impact on intellectual development without becoming involved in our students’ emotional development as well!!

Every day and every lesson are for us a challenge in the same way are for you: we have to make, and we want to do it, a conscious effort to develop a caring relationship with our students. That is the only way how really big positive changes can take place in effort and performance in learning, and living also.

Every student have the right to feel the way they feel. “Your feelings aren’t right or wrong” since are yours!!

every person is different and if you are more confidence or less, we can help you to manage your feelings in learning: in this way you’ll feel never alone or, at the opposite, you’ll never feel invaded (we can recognize when a student don’t want to speak or prefer practice in a different way)

How does we create the best space for you?

We want to help you not just to learn a language, but to increase your confidence, your capacities, your happiness! If you want to change your life by moving to Italy or just by having a trip here, or if you need to improve your Italian for job, we are here for help you in every way you require!!!

And, since we want to make your learning path as easier for you as possible, we can draw a bespoke program, based on your needs but also on your prefer topics: in this way you’ll improve without making efforts and by having fun, delving into your personal knowledge using your target language.

Are you ready to start to learn in this totally different way?

You’ll find reliable, nice, empathetic but non intrusive teachers the make your journey really pleasant.

Write to us to get to know each other without commitments: just to realize that we are real person behind our online packages courses. You’ll figure out that we are exactly what we say!!

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