From yoga philosophy, other tips to learn Italian easily

If you want to learn Italian really easily, you can start to change your approach to learn in general.

Yoga teaches not just asana (poses of the body), but how to find your real power to be yourself and recognize your abilities, limits and needs. Without shame and without comparing yourself to the others and to what you should have to be considered a good student.

George Jameson, a language learning blogger at Best Australian Writers and Best British Essays, says that “you’ll lose your focus and motivation if you start focusing on others, because there will always be someone who learns more quickly than you. The important thing is focusing on your own progress and your own journey.”

That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to practice and make some efforts, but only if they are attuned to your real being.

Just like yoga, learning Italian requires persistent practice (sadhana).

Consider what you are, here and now, and what are you start from, instead to look at the goals you don’t already achieve.

Step by steps path to learn Italian easily

Every steps is a brick of your language building!

As Tanya Keating, a tutor at UK Top Writers and Revieweal says: “you don’t focus on the end goal, fluency in another language, but you pay attention to every part of the journey that brings you there. By doing that, it’s easier to stay motivated.”

Learning yoga, as learning a foreign language, is an experience that changes you definitely. But it can transform you, just if you surrender to it.

First of all, you have to remove your internal barriers, try to find another way to watch your step by step progresses, having faith that maybe not in one day but for sure, you’ll reach your goals: try to let go your fears, shame, mental blocks and surrender to something bigger than you (and us): your inner power that is the same in all the people!

Try to go out your confort zone

If you don’t feel at ease from the beginning, is normal! Remember? Accept yourself!

Like you feel muscle pains practicing yoga, the language headache, confusion mind, uncertainty you feel, depend on that your brain is changing: new way of thinking and watching the world is coming! At the beginning the feeling of transformation could be uncomfortable, unpleasant and sometimes even scary. The same of yoga practice. But keep going and trust the after the efforts you can see a new light and a new world, inside and outside you!

As we read in this really interesting article, “Yoga isn’t just about the class itself. You keep focusing on relaxation and yoga principles outside the class and they become a part of your everyday life. This works for language learning too, because you need to keep working at it outside the classroom.”

Try to bring your yoga practice out of your math and try to bring your Italian learning out of the Italian lessons: for 20 great suggestions to practice the foreign language, read this article!!

If you want to try our zen way to teach, try our videos and activities for free!!

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