Italian passport: CELI, CILS, PLIDA CERT.IT

To study, work or simply live in Italy it might be useful to obtain a certification. Are you familiar with the Italian certifications? Do you know how to prepare for it? The certifications are intended for foreigners who must attach the certificate to the residence permit application (B1), students who want to study in an Italian University (B2), Italian non-Italian and foreign teachers working in the Italian environment (C2). Italyamo can help you!

Italian passport – CELI

The University for Foreigners of Perugia offers the CELI certifications. They are certificates of Italian language competence in general, attesting language knowledge and communication competence, valid both in the employment and academic spheres. Depending on your level, you can choose between six levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2). If you have a  basic level without any knowledge of the Italian language, choose the CELI Impact. Or, if you can use Italian without too much strain, you need CELI 2. It’s possible also to certificate adolescents with the CELI a (Adolescent).

Italian passport – CILS

From the University for Foreigners of Siena, the CILS certification is a qualification which declares the level of linguistic and communicative competences in Italian as a foreign language. The exams are designed to assess how learners use Italian to communicate in real-life situations. You can choose between: level A1 and level A2 for children, adolescent or adult. But if your level is higher: level one-B1 for adult and adolescent. Otherwise, if you need to live and work in Italy, choose level two-A2 or integration or one-B1 citizenship. There are also level 2-B2, level 3-C1 and level 4-C2 only for adult. The CILS Centre also offers exams for Chinese students on the Marco Polo/Turandot programme.

Italian passport – PLIDA

The PLIDA Certifications are offered by the Società Dante Alighieri. The PLIDA Certification Tests are designed by the scientific team of the Dante Alighieri Society and assess Italian as a foreign or second language. Every year thousands of candidates throughout the world test their language competence and obtain the PLIDA Certificate, which is recognized by the Italian Government and accepted globally. You can find six levels and two profiles, adult and juniors, for the first fourth levels (A1, A2, B1, and B2). But the Plida C1 and Plida C2 are only for adults.

Italian passport – CERT.IT

The CERT.IT certification is issued by the Università  di Roma Tre. It is recognized by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, and deals with the implementation, administration and assessment of certification tests of Italian as a foreign language. We have six levels. The A1 and the A2 certificate a  basic competence in Italian as a foreign language. Instead, the B1 certificates an elementary competence. The B2 an intermediate competence. Whereas, for advanced students the C1 and the C2 certificates are the best.

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