Surrender to learn Italian in a zen way!

To learn Italian in a zen way, to stay at ease and to feel the peace inside yourself while you are studying Italian, is not a dream!

The goal of yoga classes should be making people at ease with their feelings and mind, respecting their needs and body messages.

If you want improve your Italian learning path, practicing yoga can be really effective. Yoga helps to learn in general: as we can read in this article “yoga is simply about listening to your body, controlling your breathing, and moving in a way that is said to calm the mind, improve circulation, and boost physical (and brain) ability.” For that reason, about learning foreign languages especially, the practice of yoga can help you to improve faster and easier, learning them at the same time: you can learn, by using them, the name of the part of the body; the verbs used during the practice and, by acting them, you can be sure that you’ll remember them easier!

For example, “piegare la gamba destra” = to bend the right leg; “allineare ginocchio e caviglia” = to align knee and ankle; “allunga le braccia oltre la testa”= to stretch your arms over your head.

Yoga rules to learn Italian in a zen way

Our step-by-step way of teaching follows the same yoga rules! We respect your needs and your mood of the day; we listen to what is really effective for you in a particular period of your life. For that, we’ll never push you to do what you don’t feel ready for. At the same time, we know how to give you little challenges to improve Italian without efforts!

We of Italyamo believe totally in our philosophy of live and teaching: we aren’t psychologists or motivators, but we are able to recognize, empathetically, the truth self of the others: this is the goal of yoga, re-connecting ourself to our true self!

Learn a foreign language by doing, not only a general practice but by focusing on the passions and the interests of the students, is like listening to the body when you practice yoga: yoga is not a sport, while we practice yoga, we don’t only stretching our muscle, we’re giving us a different way to stay with our body, respecting it and learning to respect more ourself.

Learning Italian with us, you’ll have the possibility to do the same!

And instead if you actually practice yoga, join a class with Valentina: she’s an Italian teacher that teaches yoga and meditation also.

But if you prefer to , up to you!

If you don’t want to learn by making efforts, we are here, waiting for your e-mail, … up to you!

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