Expand Italian vocabulary

Today let’s give you some advice to expand your Italian vocabulary! One of the most important thing about learning a foreign language is having a large vocabulary to explain what we want to say.

We know, this is not so immediate: we need time (and memory!) to improve our lexicon and often is frustrating not having enough words to explain exaclty what we mean…

First of all, remember that “your lexicon is the set of words that are meaningful to you” so the best way to remember new words is try to learn something we like.

Some easy tips to enlarge your vocabulary.

In another article, we suggested you to translate the name of the things you use and eat during the breakfast: using the same method, you can do the same in every environment and with everything you see!!

For example, you can try on the street, while you are waiting for the bus, when you go to the restaurant or to the gym and so on. In this way you use more parts  of your brain, involving the linguistic and the visual ones: this helps you to memorize faster!!

In this page you can read a tattic that uses your mental imagery: visual, auditory, tactual, gustatory ideas to words to remember make you expand your Italian vocabulary!

Our first advice is try to learn new words little but often. As you can read in this really interesting article,”the first rule of learning is do it in small chunks. Brief bursts are better than one long blast. During a break of only an hour, the brain assimilates new connections, then is ready for more.

Three words a day is a good number to aim for in a busy life. It’s best to collect words from your reading, and add them to a wordbook or a list”

Play and have Fun

Playing games and engaging in activities are useful in any kind of learning, but particularly effective for language-related learning. You can play with other people on Internet and of course you can play with us!! Our game-activities are created on purpose of make you learn in this way: easily and by having fun, but effectively! Like the children that learn everything by playing … the brain is more able to get informations and stock them when we feel like a child!

To remember new words you can play with everything you see, meet, wear, eat and so on! Try to visualize new words combining them with your mental associations and try to use them in different contexts. Don’t forget that you can use every kind of association: visual or auditory, tactual or gustatory.

In some weeks we’ll give you another tips to increase your Italian vocabulary: in the meanwhile, follow these ones and share with us your improvements!






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