Decrease stress from studying

Two weeks ago we gave you some advice to decrease stress from studying  and we promised that we’d give you more. Here we are!!

We know that studying and doing assignments or have jobs duties is often stressful. They can take a lot of time, and it can be hard to balance them with our wellbeing. However, there are a number of things you can do manage stress and get your goals.

It could sound strange, but one of this one is taking care of your body to remove stress and to remain more focused.

As we already said, it’s important to work in short bursts : it’s hard for the human brain to concentrate on the same thing for long periods of time, so try to focuse for 45 minutes at a time and take a 15-minute break: but it’s important to really relax and not just during these breaks!

Sleep to decrease stress from studying!!

Indeed you need not just to take break while you are learning, but you need to deeply relax, especially before and in bed. Switch off your devices at least 20 minutes before going bed, try breathing exercises, taking a shower or bath, or drinking camomile tea to help you sleep better.

It’s at night that your brain activity slows down and all the information you learnt during the day is processed—so a good sleep is crucial.

Move yourself!!

We often learn sitting down, but being in the same position all day is not good for the body. Take a break by going outside, practice regularly sport or yoga: moving our body boosts blood flow to the brain. This will make us feel more focused and keeps stress’s level low and, at the same time, the concentration’s one high!!

Research shows that simply being outside lowers stress levels, even after just five minutes in the open air.

Eat well!

Balanced and healthy meals make us study better: they make bigger our ability to concentrate.

So let’s eat foods that are digested slowly, such as whole grains, fresh vegetables and lean proteins. Also for our snacks, let’s choose the right foods: if we consume food and drinks high in sugar or caffeine, will only heighten our stress. “Some of the best (and tastiest) mood-boosting snacks include blueberries, dark chocolate and pistachio nuts.”

If you want to know about stress and its effects, read this article: you can find a guide to relieve stress.

In the end, to decrease stress from studying is important to take care of our body also: sport, relax, healthy food make ourself more focused and powerfull and of course a balanced body-mind system makes us do everything better and with more joy!!!

If you are in Milan or if you want to try to learn Italian by practing yoga online, write to us!! Valentina is a yoga teacher as well, and she often teaches Italian by teaching yoga!!

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