First lesson intermediate level

Today we decide to offer you another taste of lesson. In our previous article we talked about absolute beginners and advanced. We choose the intermediate level. Work with Italyamo : )

Intermediate level – To begin

To begin with, let’s talk about a special day: August 10th. As tradition says, August 10th is the night of shooting stars. On this night we need to make a wish because it will probably come true. And how can I make a wish in Italian? By using ‘Vorrei’, ‘Mi piacerebbe’, etc. Luca might say: ‘Vorrei andare in vacanza ai Caraibi’, Francesca: ‘Vorrei diventare una fashion designer’, Giovanni: ‘Mi piacerebbe uscire con Francesca’. But what kind of verbs do they use? Do you know the name of the verbs Francesca, Giovanni and Luca use to express their wishes?

Intermediate level – Inside the skill

To make a wish I use the conditional. Watch our lesson on it. You can read a famous Italian writer, Gianni Rodari. You can work on one of his poem. Find out how to make conditional and see when you use it. And then there are lots of exercises to practice the verbs and slowly make them your own. In Italian, in fact, we can use conditional in many situations. Look at the sentences that follow: ‘Quanto mi piacerebbe visitare il Louvre. Verresti con me a Parigi?’; ‘Immagina che il tuo ragazzo ti lasci proprio prima di partire insieme per le vacanze. Che cosa faresti? Partirei comunque magari con un’amica!’; ‘Non mi piace più il mio lavoro, ma non riesco a trovarne uno nuovo. Che fare? Io al tuo posto farei meditazione e praticherei yoga’.

If you need more information, here are some useful online resources: The Italian Conditional Mode, Italian Present Conditional Exercise and Conditional Present Tense

Intermediate level – To end

And finally a piece of advice for everyone. To learn a language you have to have emotionally interesting experiences. The memory, in fact, is facilitated by positive emotions. In addition, practice is essential to make linguistic expression immediately available. Without forgetting the importance of success so as not to lose motivation.

So what did you know, study with us! Study Italian with Italyamo : )

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