Yoga teaches how to learn Italian easily

Why does yoga teaches to learn Italian easily? 

We found a lot of article the prove our way of teaching!!

“Yoga helps you learn new languages by stretching your mind and developing your consciousness to learn from a cognitive and social perspective. Language awareness is important because it helps you learn languages based on perceptions and sensitivities.”

Therefore we put together some of them to show you that is true: yoga makes your mind more flexible and teaches you how learn in a more easy and pleasing way!

But first of all what exactly is yoga?

Learn the origin of yoga to learn Italian easily

“Thought to be over 3,000 years old, the practice of holding specific postures, poses, or asanas is central to Hindu philosophy. When combined with certain other practices such as meditation and self-observance, these postures are said to enable a higher state of consciousness.

The aim with yoga is not just to master the asanas but also to be liberated from worldly constraints, from evil thoughts and actions, and from that which brings pain and suffering.

The ancient hatha yoga, dedicates itself to the study of breath and movements” that stimulate certain areas of the body and calm the mind at the same time.

Certainly yoga is not just about movement (asana) but it provides a way of life and a philosophy to live better with ourself, the others and the world.

Today we want to explain you two yoga aspects which you can learn Italian better with.

How Yoga can help you to learn Italian easily

  • Abhyasa

Yoga teaches us the principle of abhyasa: constant practice over a long period of time. Abhyasa helps you make a habit out of your consistent yoga practice.

In the same way, when you’re learning a language it’s easier to be successful if you do so regularly. If you practice a new language in the method of abhyasa, you’ll be able to be more dedicated to your learning experience and makes you more successful as a language learner.

  • Your goal is the process

The path is the the destination! Every step you do, is a new path and, in everything you do, you can always improve!

Yoga makes you realize that you might not make a new asana on the first try. It takes practice and multiple attempts to successfully make it. And, remember: asana is just a tool to simulate you more deeper. The same happens when you learn a foreign language: you open your mind and heart to different culture and way of living!

Yoga open you to a new world

To enter in this new world, you need to spend time and think about how your mind react to learn different way to say. Think about expressions, grammar, idioms: different languages reflect different way of thinking and processing the same concepts. The same is for yoga poses.

Body and mind  react in different ways to same position. You also need to prepare yourself for the process, starting from your (and not of another one) point of starting This means you’re focused on the journey to the objective and what you’re learning on the way, more than the goal itself.

In this way, the path to learn all the things becomes really amazing!!!

Try to learn Italian in a zen way with us: you’ll surprise how it could be satisfying and pleasing!

Write to us to get a trial lesson (you can choose if you want traditional Italian lesson or one of yoga in Italian!)

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  • Gwen Corrie13 Luglio 2020 at 23:19

    I am very interested in learning to speak italian through yoga as i am passionate about both.

    • Valentina Nizardo
      Valentina Nizardo17 Settembre 2020 at 6:15

      Dear Gwen Thank you for your message!!!
      and sorry for the terribly late replay, but the person in charge of replay missed it 🙁
      Do you want to try a free yoga group lesson in Italian?
      Where are you from?
      You can join the class Tuesday at 7.15 pm or during the weekend (10.30 am)
      Let us know
      and sorry again
      I wish you a lovely day

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