“Perdere la testa” and other idiomatic expressions

As we wrote a few days ago, in order to speak Italian fluently it is good to know some idiomatic expressions that make the language more natural and meaningful. So, have you ever lost your head? “Perdere la testa” and other idiomatic expressions. In the first part of the article we are going to speak about idiomatic expressions with the word “head”. In the second part we will discover other expressions and, in the third part, we help you to find online resources.

Body parts – Have you ever lost your head?

An Italian friend with dreaming eyes tells you “Ho perso la testa per Marco!”. What do you have to do? To be happy for her or take her to the nearest hospital immediately? If someone says to you “Puoi scommetterci la testa!”, what will you have to do? To bet your head?! Perdere la testa, scommetterci la testa, fare una testa come un pallone, are some of the expressions we are going to talk about today.

Body parts – Perdere la testa/head

When you use “perdere la testa” in the context we have seen before, you are saying that you are in love with someone, but the meaning depends on context. In fact, it can be used in different situations. Whereas, the expression “scommetterci la testa” is used to say that you are absolutely sure of something. What about “fare una testa come un pallone“? It means to be dazed by idle chatter. But this isn’t over. There are so many idiomatic expressions that use body parts: avere l’acqua alla gola, avere il cuore in gola, avere un buco nello stomaco, avere uno scheletro nell’armadio

Body parts- where to study and practice

How do you remember them all? The best advice we can give you is to visaulize to remember. You can find a lot of information by surfing the internet. For more expressions here is a list of sites: italymagazine, lifeinitaly, happylanguages. You can practice with cram or thoughtco. If you prefer to watch videos: Italianonlineschool and learnitalianwithsilvia.

So, what are you waiting for? Use with us the idiomatic expressions!

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