Face-to-face lessons

“I decide, I do it!”. Finally, after careful reflection on the pros and cons, you have decided to enroll in an Italian language course, but it’s very hard to find the course that fit for you and you don’t like online courses. We have the solution: face-to-face lessons with us!


During our face-to-face lessons we work on your communicative needs. After a placement test to know your level, we prepare materials and activities to help your learning. We use videos, songs, authentic texts and any material we think could be useful to improve your language skills. From reading to speaking, from listening to writing, we will support your progress in Italian.


Our mission, quoting the wise words of Brian Tomlinson, is to tap the human being’s potential for multidimensional processing. We make optimal use of the learner’s ability to learn through doing things physically, to learn through feeling emotion, to learn through experiencing things in the mind. For human beings the most important factor in learning is affect. In order to achieve effective and durable learning, language learners need to relax, feel at ease, develop self-confidence and self-esteem, develop positive attitudes towards the learning experience and be involved intellectually, aesthetically and emotionally.

How long

You can decide to start with an hour or more, five, ten, even twenty hours. This does not mean that we will work only during these hours but that we will prepare a program that will see in those hours the moment of formative feedback for the student and for the teacher. Whit this option you are going to buy a package of 1/5/10/20 hours face-to-face lesson online: you’ll receive an e-mail to fix the timetable within 24 hours, according to the availability of you and our teachers and you’ll have to complete your package of face-to-face lessons in 1 year.

What are you waiting for? Improve your Italian with Italyamo!

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