Learn a foreign language to grow up your mind power

Learning a foreign language could be stressful, we know: we don’t have enough time, we are always too tired, we don’t want another challenge (or maybe we want them too much!!): our life is too full of things to do!

But have you never thought that learning a language could have similar benefits to meditation?

It does!

Actually the benefits on your brain have been demonstrated through a lot of research (if you want you can read more information here.)

The most important proven benefits in learning a foreign language are: improvements in intelligencememory and concentration as well as a reduction in dementia and Alzheimer’s risks.

You are your own best doctor!!

Furthermore, doing the effort of learning and speaking a different language, enables you to build another pattern of thoughts: for that reason, you have a more open mind, you are feeling more confident and aware of what you can do: “The NEA report labeled the resulting benefits to self-image, self-esteem, and satisfaction as enormous. Students able to speak a second language have better listening skills, sharper memories and they are more creative; more than that, they are better at solving complex problems, and exhibit greater cognitive flexibility.”


Regarding our way of teaching, we know that is true! In fact we are students as well: we always learn something new, not just didactically, but in general … curiosity is my second name!!!  We are simple and sometimes not so confident people: but, after a long time, we finally know what works to make us live better. For that reason, we want help you to improve, grow up and live better.  But don’t worry! We won’t lose our goal: we’ll teach you in a zen way: you’ll be able to speak it and use it for anything you want!!

Understanding and speaking language is one of the most difficult things our brain is able to do: this effort gives our brain a good workout!

In fact, learning a foreign language increases the size of the Broca’s area and the hippocampus – the linguistic center of the brain  and the “manager” of the formation, storage and retrieval of memories. For example, here you can read how to learn Spanish and succeed!!!


Researchers from University College London revealed that ”the density of the grey matter in the left inferior parietal cortex of the brain was greater in bilinguals than in those without a second language”.

This is properly what happens when we meditate!!

Another research of University of California – Los Angeles UCLA reported that certain regions in the brains of long-term meditators were larger!

As result, our brain is more flexible when we meditate and if we learning a foreign language!!! “A stronger multi-path brain network implicated in both language and memory means that L2 learning success is correlated with the individual’s cognitive capacity”. Read more here.


When we meditate, first of all, our mind makes us free to be more present and focused. Furthermore, we reduce risk of illness in general because on our own, we are the most effective medicine: we train our brain like our muscles! And one of the most efficient way to do it, is learning a second language.

In addition, if you do it in a zen way, you can be sure to become more confident, less stressed, more determined e firmer: you’ll make better choices in all fields of your life .. as well as inn the financial field, as Psychologists from the University of Chicago said.

So, if you want train your brain and have all of these benefits, start to learn Italian with our videos and activities: discover your inner power and make your dreams come true!


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