Learn to speak Italian: here 3 tricks to do it!

Even if shortcuts don’t exist to learn to speak Italian, why not do it more easily?

As we say every time, our first rule is to relax! We will do everything to make your learning path more effective: for that reason, we are always seeking something new! You can be sure that you’ll learn to speak Italian in a completely zen way!

We found 3 simple tricks for you, in Cecilia Sardeo’s blog: we thank Cecilia Sardeo again for her efforts to make our life better every day. We are glad to be able to share her advices about learning English. Of course, we can apply them to learn to speak Italian.

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Doesn’t matter!!! The sooner you abandon the fear to be imperfect, faster you become more confident… who cares if you make mistakes?

Who cares if you don’t speak perfectly? And if somebody really cares, don’t let them affect negatively your learning experience. Remember: what matters is to realize the point you are starting from: from here, improve, improve, improve! As we say in Italy : “Nessuno nasce imparato”, which means “nobody is born well-read”, so we have to leave the idea of perfection from the start. To tell the truth, it never has been important being perfect, is it?

So, leave these fears, and break through them! Doing this will be your first success.

You may lose face, and so what? We don’t care 🙂 The more we accept it, the more we are ready to overcome it and improve learning and life in general.

Accept your limits and accept to not understand everything, slowly, with patience, step by step: and one day, suddenly, without realizing, something will switch inside yourself, and you’ll start to understand a lot of more!!!


Not all, of course, but if you want to learn to speak Italian, speaking is more important! With mistakes? Yes!! If you don’t speak, you could never even improve grammar rules!

If you don’t have the possibility to travel and practice Italian directly in Italy, watch TV series, listen to your favorite songs, watch Italian movies: it is the best way for your ears to get used to it!

You can write down the words you understand while watching something you like (it is really important that you like what you decide to learn on). Even if you don’t know the meaning, you can understand it from the context!!! You don’t believe me? Try!


Make your learning a passion! This way, you’ll give less effort because you’ll have a precise goal to reach. From this point of view, making bad impressions or being imperfect could be a result far less embarrassing, right?

Success in everything you do depends on motivation for 80%. Methods and theory approach represent a share of only 20%. Think about your dream trip through Italy, your job in Italy for your future, your Italian food cooking course: these goals will let you reach your perfect Italian!!!

You won’t notice the efforts and the steps you’ll do it by learning with this goal in mind: think about your different life and how you want to reach it; think about the doors that will open to you: improve by leaps and learn Italian in a zen way!!!


Are you more relaxed and ready to learn?

Don’t waste any time: watch a free video, do some activities and start to learn to speak Italian in a totally zen way 🙂 Practice Cecilia’s advices for 30 days and speed up your learning. And remember: be constant!

If you want learn to speak Italian with us, write down a simple “Sì” + your level (beginner, intermediated, upper-intermediated, advanced): we’ll send you a free video for you to start learning.


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