Learn Italian practicing yoga is a the best way to learn a foreign language!!! Why? Because the best way to learn everything is doing it relaxed: the 2 parts of brain can work together, the memory works better, the logic intelligence can support it: in this way the intuitions can bloom like a flower nutrished by the sun!

You know, yoga is a way to reach your mental and phisical balance, it give you the power, the skills, the confidence to live your life according with your real being: the brain waves are aligned to the universe waves and you can feel the pace and happines of the life in everything.


As result, when you are in this state, eveything you do is easier to being done!

For that reason, last summer, during my amazing experience as Italian teacher at Lake Como school  in Menaggio, for the first time I tried to teach Italian and yoga at the same time: and it worked!! Watch the video!

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Not just the students were totally relaxed like after a “normal” yoga lesson, but also they assimilated the body lexicon and the imperative form (the goal of that italian lesson) faster and in a funny way. I had the confirm the days after during the other lessons.

So I decided to try again. In Milan I teach yoga every day and I have the honor to have some Italian students that join my yoga classes. In these cases, of course, the purpose of the lessons is not essentially Italian language! But  I have verified the foreign students after yoga lessons improve easier and faster in learning Italian. “Simply” because they are more relaxed.

Yoga is not a sport tout court, but the movement in general and physical activity improves learning a second language, as you can read here in a really interesting research and in an article about sport and learning language here.


Like yoga teachs, moving your body make your mind more flexible. Why? Because the neural paths change and you can find different solutions for memorise new words: in this way you improve your foreign language study!!(and for live better as well!)

When you do exercise, the body stimulates the release of numerous neurochemicals that increase the number of new brain cells and the connections between neurons: this improve your way of learning, your skills and your memory.

So if you are in Milan and want to try, write to me and I’ll be happy to offer a trial yoga-Italian lesson!!

And if you have already tried a kind of learning like this one, please share your experience with us 🙂



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