Learning foreign languages helps you to build your esteem

Some months ago, I read a really interesting article and I started to think about learning foreign languages in general. That article made me realize that we are not so alone when we feel not able to do something, even if we find it stimulating …

I read that a woman gave up the job of his dreams (maybe just a job in Italy?) “cause she would had to learn a foreign language and this made her feel so bad, that she did not even try”.

How many times have we thought of not being able to do something (and we are convinced) to throw in the towel. Unfortunately not only about to learn Italian or another foreign language.


Why? Because unfortunately often and unwillingly certain experiences bring back to us wounds of the past engraved in the mind and skin, that condition us so much that we do not even realize it, but we think it is “just” in this way…

Like the karmic seeds, these experiences determine our actions and  remain imprinted and deposited in the brain and from here affect us for life, if we do not observe them. We can do manage to root out them from us, also increasing our self-confidence !!!

We know, it’s diffcult change our thoughts and way of living, but learning a foreign language can help you to do it in an easy and effective way!

Don’t throw the towel!!! Non gettare la spugna!! Learn Italian whit italyamo: we’ll help you to find your way to reach your goals!! With our easy videos and effective activities, with our post on facebook, you’ll improve, without efforts, your Italian and your self-esteem at the same time!! Write to us to get to know each others and test our friendly way of teach and be!


Do you know the origin of the expression “gettare la spugna = throw in the towel”?

Write here below the same expression in your own language and visit us on facebook!!

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