To be in a language class can be a marvelous and thrilling experience, we know it. But think about the convenience and the flexibility to learn online. In particular, what we want to advice you is to start learning language online, autonomously, and only then, when you feel ready, to join an online class or a traditional class. Maybe you have already heard about the “flipped classroom”.


Why learn a language online? First of all, it’s flexible: you can log in wherever and whenever you like. Secondly, you have access to the course all day, every day. Thirdly, it’s easy to submit your work and assignments through an online platform. Mostly, you can be wherever you want, and it is much less expensive: you don’t have to take an airplane or a train, you don’t have to rent a house, or buy a medical insurance, etc. Furthermore, nowadays everybody is familiar with the internet, isn’t it? You can learn your own favorite way because a language course online includes multimedia.

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On the other hand, it requires you to be disciplined and motivated. Obviously, you can’t be assisted you 24/7, as we all have different time schedules. We know it isn’t easy to meet in real-time across time zones, but we try to do our best! Above all, it could appear to be an alienating way to learn, if you don’t spend too much time already online at work! But don’t worry, we are thinking about it! We are “yoga” teachers!!!


In class, there are different students. The ones who love listening, who love watching, who prefer reading. Some study for pleasure, other for work and sometimes students don’t even know why they’re attending an Italian class. Somebody is fast, others are slow. Some are really collaborative and nice, others not. The class can be a real mess. Learn Italian online can be fast because you are able to choose what to do and keep the peace you need.


When you are in a class, it is quite difficult to work on your writing. And that, for many reasons: there are a lot of students and only one teacher. It’s a communicative class and not everybody is interested in writing. It’s very difficult for a teacher to correct ten or fourteen essays, objectively, through so many different factors among students. Online you can receive the attention you need. Online you can practice the kind of writing you need with particular attention on your own needs and according to your time.


We can really tell the same about speaking ability. It’s possible that in a class you can’t really improve your speaking ability for many reasons. No time, too many students, not interesting subjects or subjects that you aren’t familiar with. Online you can find the right interaction with your teacher and others, there are many links you can use for it!

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