The first time I went to the University of Manchester to attend a refresher course for teachers, I was frozen by fear: I did not speak excellent English (certainly not for me) and I could not understand everything perfectly. In more everyone knows that the accent in that part of England is terribly incomprehensible!! How would it have been possible to stop feeling stressed?


I was full of doubts! If I had not understood a word of the lessons? If I had not been able to ask questions about things I did’t understand? Was I throwing away my time and my few money? Just to finally realize that no, I was not really able to take a course abroad, like I would have always wanted doing, but I had never done?

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I would have remained “with bitter in my mouth”= amaro in bocca (a sour taste): without learning those new language teaching techniques that I wanted so much to apply to my new way of teaching. I would never have given that extra gear to myself as a teacher and as a person.

In a word: I felt lost and a loser. And in my mind, I could never stop feeling stressed!!!

But at the end always it’s gone perfectly!!

Don’t lose heart! You can easily attent to all the training courses in Italian that you want!! You’ll never feel “like a fish out of water” (odd duck) but, instead, you’ll have the joy of being able to finally realize your dreams !!

With ITALYAMO – LEARN ITALIAN SWEETLY AND ZEN you will find the security of speaking and understanding Italian without stress.

If you want to test one of our videos with your hand, go here and enjoy it!

We are her to help you to find your inside power to reach your goals 🙂 [/read]

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