Yoga teaches: feel a beginner to learn Italian better!

Why practice yoga to learn Italian better?

Because to learn another language is, like yoga, a transformative experience. You learn to see and experience the world from another point of view, with different tools and to question yourself differently

While we all know the many benefits of yoga and a number of recent studies show that learning a second (or third) language can help you get better grades.


Today we will talk about an aspect that combines yoga and the Italian language: being humble.

In the Baghavad Gita, humility is one of the characteristics of the true spiritual seeker: it allows us to recognize, without feeling humiliated, the starting point from which we undertake everything we do. 

Be an humble warrior to learn Italian better!

“It doesn’t matter if its yoga, meditation, or learning a language – at first you’ve got to allow yourself to suck at it for awhile.” Aminda Courtwright, Yoga and Language Teacher

As you can read here: “Yoga and language teacher Aminda Courtwright observes in teaching languages to children; “When they turn 7-8 you can see them start to change and get self conscious. Then at 11-12 they get self conscious for social reasons and are afraid to look foolish and that’s when their learning slows down.”

When you start to practice yoga asana, you start learning to use your body, breath and mind in a new way. When you learn a language you are also learning to use your mouth in a new way, you are learning how to listen in new ways: trying to explain ourself in a different language could initially make you uncomfortable and create frustration.

Yoga teaches you to persevere and to realize that everything needs small bricks to materialize.
When you start to practice yoga, in a class you can look around at all of the bendy and strong people around you. It can be incredibly humbling, especially as an adult!

Not everyone is willing to go through this so they give up. but yoga teaches to be humble, like the asana that represent this virtue of the warrior.

Leave your ego behind, leave your expectations, try to be present at the point you’re starting from: although you are starting from the same place a baby does – from scratch, enjoy it! everything is new and everything is subject to be improved and discovered.

Feel a beginner to learn Italian better!

With both language learning and yoga, you must be willing to be a beginner at something. And not just at the beginning since there is so very much to know and understand. You’re never done learning.
In yoga practice, in learning a foreign language and in life as well!

Don’t be shame! Be humble! Improve from your mistakes! Listen to yourself and trust yourself!

This is the way to learn Italian better, as the yoga teaches.

Test our way of teaching with a trial class with us! And, if you like it, we’ll able to manage the best solution for you: just yoga classes, yoga and Italian classes or just some hours to give you the names of the parts of the body, the verbs and asana in Italian! Write to us for more information and to get your trial class!

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