Learn Italian and yoga at the same time

Are you interested in learning Italian by doing what you like? Do you practice yoga? Would you like to start to do it? Why don’t learn Italian and yoga at the same time??

From today every two weeks, we are going to discover how and why learn Italian by practicing yoga with Italyamo’s team!

As we already written in a few articles in our blog, yoga practice make us in best conditions to use our mind in a lot of field. This is the same in learning a foreing language also!

The ancient yogis taught us to nurture not just our bodies but also our brains by constantly learning!!

Discover new things, broaden our knowledge, and learn something new is the best way to train our mind. 


Learning a new language is a way to get out of our comfort zone and this gives us a big chance to see the world (and ourself as well) with different and wider eyes! Beyond the everyday. 

Why not combine, in a fulfilling, fun and effective experience, an Italian course with yoga lessons at ease from your home?

We of Italyamo, offer Italian yoga lessons (in groups) through zoom to practice yoga and learn Italian in the same time. Of course we provide also, like support, Italian lessons to learn the names of the part of the body, the verbs, the names of asana in Italian and so on.

In more we provide individual yoga lessons:these lessons will be bespoke for you! If you want a bespoke yoga lesson in order to deep inside yourself, in another language, we’ll glad to help you to know you better with this magic way of awaking awarness that is yoga.  Learning something in another language makes the learning more effective (also about spiritual path) since you break easier your mind boundes and automatisms.

If you want to try a yoga lesson or to have more information, write to us without commitment!

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