Why learn italian with flipped-communicative videos?

Why learn italian with flipped-communicative videos?

Simple: because flipped classroom method is the best way to learn in general, but it’s even more efficient for foreign languages. According to this, we totally believe that this way of teaching is the best to teach Italian online!

For that reasons, we created for you a package of videos that you can watch on your own to catch the Italian grammar rules, following your own pace of study.

We are glad to teach Italian online this way and to give you the possibility to realize that probably this way can help you too.

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First of all, you can watch our videos again and again, as many times ayou need. That way, you can grasp and memorize the focus-rules, without stress and without anyone “hurrying” you to understand.

Furthermore, our videos creation is based on a communicative method: this means that we don’t give you the rules ex-cathedra but we let your brain work for you!!! The learning path is the most effective that way (and it isn’t boring!). These little challenges make learning meaningful, enabling a cognitive and emotional involvement.

As a result, with our videos to teach Italian online (but face to face as well!!) we  activate the students’ interest and encourage them to find solutions. Content is no longer the focus of the lesson: Processes are valued more than content. And it works!! Try to believe it!!


You become the real protagonist in the process of learning, while the teachers play the role of facilitators, who lead you in the learning path.

We want you to relax in order to learn easier, we want to give you the best solution to improve faster, and we want to be sure that you are happy to learn Italian and enjoy yourself doing it.

Of course we, as teachers, are required to possess a deep knowledge of the subject and a solid teaching ability and communication skills: do you want to test us? Write to us so that we get to know each other and have a trial lesson! But only after having watched one of the our videos here!!!

Ready?? Go!

Wait : how do we create our videos??
Are you curious? Wait a month and then read the article about our videos creation 
Patience is a virtue, isn’t??


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